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“more about the team!”
Robert Fallon

Robert founded Wild nature in 2009 after more than 15 years as a freelance wilderness guide. Robert leads on the design and delivery of many of our services, and teaches both locally and internationally. He has a particular focus on developing services that act as a catalyst for...

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Girls Rites of Passage Team
Lara Barge
Sarah Bullock
Samanth Eddison

Lara is a relationship coach and mentor, passionate about supporting teenagers in blossoming into the truth of who they are, finding more joy, empowerment and deeper connection in themselves. As a result being able to step into the world embodying confidence in who they are.

Lara holds a loving compassionate space while also bringing a sense of deep solidity and grounded presence. Nature and dance are her greatest joys and she has been working alongside Robert Fallon on Wildnature classes/workshops and training's for children and adults.
Lara is certified Heart IQ Relationship coach and conflict mediator. Runs communication and relationship workshops as well as movement and sound based practices and women's circles.

Sarah has worked for 15 years with women of all ages in private practice and groups. She brings a fun, curious, compassionate approach to her work, seeking to inspire and be inspired by the wisdom held in our women and our youth of today.

Sarah is also a facilitator and volunteer on the LIFEbeat Charity’s ‘Creativity Summer Camps’ and on the Ambassadors Program supporting young people aged 13 - 19 who are often from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds who seek creative expression and a place to be themselves.

Sarah is passionate about supporting people to flourish by learning to embody a growing awareness of themselves, their emotions, relationships and connection with others and nature through movement, body awareness, drama, trauma release, sweat lodges, health coaching and energy medicine.  Sarah is currently studying for her Masters in Drama-therapy an inclusive and creative Arts based Psychotherapy with an emphasis on Rites of Passage.

Sam is a homeopath and movement practitioner. She works at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy and is also Wildnature's Office Manager. She loves spending time in nature, cooking wholesome and wild foods for her friends and family, and spending time with her partner and four children.

She has spent many years dancing and teaching dance and movement, working with adults and children in schools, in museums and outdoors, making dance works for stage, GCSE and A'level, and for the camera. She moonlights now and then as a translator and editor, speaking French, German, Italian and British sign.

Recently she has been exploring Integral Theory and contributing to a Mother's Circle as part of her preparation for co-leading the Rites of Passage camp for girls this summer.

Nell Long-More
Jo Eales
Marie–Helene Dalila-Boyle

Nell is 23 years old and loves being outdoors, this love was kick-started at the age of 14 when she went on her first survival course in the woods. Since then she has trained in outdoor recreational activities: canoeing, climbing and archery. Nell also likes playing football, and has recently developed a keen interest in flamenco guitar playing, learning to dance to it too.

Nell has been working with young people not in education, training and employment for the last few years - delivering groups to help them gain confidence. She has also been supporting a family with 2 severely autistic children for the last five years, they have become very good friends.

Jo has spent as much of her life as possible outdoors in nature; exploring the world - its landscapes, rivers, mountains & cultures. Having worked with children for over 10 years as a childminder & alternative teacher, she developed her natural ability to relate to children & become a mentor for many.

A life changing survival course in 2010 eventually led Jo to work with Wild Nature; facilitating outdoor games camps for children & teaching basic bushcraft. Jo's background as a Yoga Teacher & her passionate interest in health, wellbeing & nutrition led her to study permaculture, grow her own food & work as a nutritional chef.

She currently resides in the French Alps during the winter months cooking and during the summer growing vegetables...

Inspired by growing up in the Essex countryside, with a very active family, Rosie has always had a passion for being in the outdoors, surrounded by nature. Her passion lies in combining her love of working with young people and being in nature, fully utilising its therapeutic benefits. 

Rosie has a wealth of experience as a youth worker in leading groups of teenage girls on personal development and mentoring programs as well as camping and bushcraft skills and knowledge. This includes working with Project Grow, a nature-based project for young children and their parents.

As a qualified Social Worker Rosie also has much experience working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families.

Marie-Hélène is a transpersonal integrative psychotherapist registered with the BACP. She has a private practice near Lewes and has worked with clients with a wide range of issues since 1990. She is now inspired by the wild therapy movement. Marie-Hélène’s unique approach combines her training in psychotherapy with the indigenous wisdom of many teachers she has worked with.

For the past 10 years she has been a joint caretaker of woodlands where a family camp takes place every summer. She is completing a Forest School training with Circle of Life Rediscovery and is on their team for some family days.

Kathryn Jordan
Amy Cavagne
Maggie Peake

Kathryn has worked with children and young people for the past 20 years.
Her many passions have taken her on a journey from her initial art degree to creating public sculpture to Montessori training and practice, through to designing and managing edible garden projects in schools. Her practice is also informed by training in permaculture design & the therapeutic application of the arts.

In 2010 she graduated from a field based immersive nature connection programme at Wilderness Awareness School, USA.
The golden thread she says she has always followed, “sometimes in the dark”, has been her passion for working with nature and facilitating deep nature connection for others.

She is currently teaching art, nature awareness, gardening and woodwork at a Montessori Farm School in Sussex as well as studying Horticulture with the RHS.

Amy is the amazing wildnature woodland chef who creates delicious food to keep us well nourished on on our adventures.

She works as a PA for children and adults with disabilities and supports them in having independent joyful lives. A creative soul who brings playfulness and song to the camps.

Maggie loves camping, the countryside and hugging trees! Currently she is
studying for an MA in Community Psychology at the University of Brighton. She
is conducting an evaluation for Wildnature to help with funding.

Maggie believes that nature is an essential part of our community. It is a living, vibrant force all around us and is good for the soul and our well-being. Maggie was a counsellor for Relate and has supported couples and young people through difficult times. She is the mother of two grown daughters.

Boys Rites of Passage Team
Ali Mayor
Ben Rayner
Daihi Canoel

Alistair R.F. Mayor - Father, Dancer, Psychotherapist, and Tree climber.

Qualifications: Diploma in Supervision, Diploma in Integrative Counselling, BSc Psychology

Training: Integral Theory Level 1 & 2, Working with Vulnerable Young People, Working in Nature.

Work experience; Current: Counselling Tutor (CPTA), Psychotherapist - Adults, Couples, Adolescents (12years Exp.), Supervisior @ YPC (Young Person's Centre), Founder - Psychological Interventions In Nature.

Past: Founder - Superdads, Co-ordinator - Dads Connect, Mentor - A band of Brothers, Counselling Co-ordinator CRI, Young Person's Assertive Outeach and Homelessness Worker - YMCA, Young Person's Drug's worker - West Sussex CRI.

Experience: Father of two, 9 years Meditation Dance Practice, White Crane Kung Fu,Travel; Europe, Asia, Australia, South & Central America.

Passion: Exploring the under lying narratives to the way we live, through working with the body, connecting to nature, and reading stories. My kids. The forest. 

Mission: To support and inspire men, women, and children to step fully into their lives, to live in harmony with their soul journey, and to lighten the foot prints we leave on this planet. By bringing into awareness the tangles of the past, the fantasies of the future, and embed the mind, body, and soul firmly in the present. To be free.

Born: 1967
Background: 15 years as a professional skydiver, competing and coaching at international level.
Age 24 and 2000 jumps, a severe spinal injury. Told I’d spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.
Age 26: back in the air, completed a further 5000 skydives.

Meditation practice: Transcendental, Buddhist (Vipassana) and Tibetan Buddhist.
Daoist internal energy practices such as Shaolin.
Qualified Therapist.

Trained 2 years with Tom Brown Jnr. in  USA,  learning and practicing ways of living with the Earth, Apache Scout skills; Shamanic and Energy practices.
Also trained with; a Maori in New Zealand; Inuit Shaman,Grey Wolf; Talking Bird.

Time alone in the wilderness has been my greatest teacher.

Currently running Immersion courses in nature,and shorter courses,  helping people move beyond limitations, know and step into their power, and fulfil their extraordinary potential as human beings.

Daihei started work as an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor back in 1995, over time he has specialized in working with young people aged 11 – 16, particularly those with behavior that challenges, or those in local authority care. Skilled in using nature and bushcraft as a vehicle for personal development and deep insight – he has lived directly on the land for more than 20 years.

Daihi in his own words: “I feel a deep, intrinsic connection to nature, as a place to learn, to play, to nurture and to be shared”. I look forward to meeting you.

James Gibson
Jon Arthur
Seb Adamczyk

I developed an intimate connection with the natural world through summer camping trips in the New Forest when young. I started to explore spirituality soon after, and spent 5 years travelling to and from Asia, learning about spiritual practises and Ayurveda. I did my degree in Ecology (Forest) as a mature student, and the marriage of these two themes – spirit and environment - play a huge part in my life.

I am now committed to working with men to promote positive masculinity and heal the masculine/feminine relationship. I also enjoy a physical life: trail running and boxing are my two current passions in that domain.

Jon is a Drama graduate, and teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Chi Kung. He also works as a Learning Mentor at a Brighton Primary School, where he specialises in supporting vulnerable children, helping them get the most out of school life.

After many years working as a manager in the business sector, Jon followed his childhood passion for music and drama, and in 1994 started working with children using theatre, drumming and sound sculptures to inspire, build confidence and support team working.

Switching his career again in 2009, Jon worked as a Community Family Worker - supporting parents and children in their own homes. He is trained to deliver “Triple P” (Positive Parenting Programme) and Protective Behaviours (a personal safety and emotional intelligence course for children and parents).

Jon speaking: “I try to live my life with Ghandi’s saying in mind… "Be the change that you wish to see in the world". I look forward to meeting you.

Mentor, qualified child counselor, Lomi Lomi massage practitioner, men’s circle facilitator, qualified Forest School Leader, cycling instructor. He’s enthusiastic about practicing the art of authentic communication and emotional intelligence, nature connection, outdoors activities, drumming and cycling among many others.

His vision: Living in a world of emotionally connected human beings where we all support each other in being who we truly want to be. Currently, Seb works for a London based children Kids Company and A Band of Brothers.

“our testimonials!”
I loved that all the teachers were unassuming and humble about their
knowledge and experiences, there was no arrogance about any of it, just a
genuine open-hearted desire to share for the benefit of all.
I think what Rob and the team has created at Wild Nature is absolutely
phenomenal. To give people such a deep, emotional and for me personally -
life changing experience in just 3 days is beyond impressive, it is
To miss out on these skills would be to miss out on a hidden garden of the soul anxious to be discovered. Rob's ability and passion is astounding, a man truly living his vision. With thanks, joy and rapture.
Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do something fun and educational with their children. You can't help feeling joyful that your child has spent a day running around outside in nature and not indoors playing computer games!
A day in nature with Rob will open your heart as well as your eyes to the wonders of nature.
I found the day very thought-provoking; often challenging my perceptions, judgments and beliefs around what I thought it was to be in nature.
“more about the locations!”

All sites have parking & toilet facilities.
(depending on seasons and event, locations may change)


All sites have parking & toilet facilities. 
(depending on seasons and event, locations may change)


All sites have parking & toilet facilities.
(depending on seasons and event, locations may change)

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