Returning to Your Wild Nature
In Nature we can become more aware of ourselves, each other and the world around us, becoming inspired, creative and connected. Allowing us glimpses into our own living wild being, the part of us that recognises the awe or our living environment, ecology and our place within it.

This experience of touching that state of being a living original human existence gives us an opportunity to reconnect to those primary motivations that can act as a catalyst to achieve our potential.

We invite you on a journey of self-discovery through ancient traditions and skills for living in equilibrium in the modern world. Using these technologies and the art of play Robert will facilitate a learning process that goes beyond the intellect and is directly experienced to give you simple accessible skills to repeat, investigate and to explore your own natural awareness and humanity.

It is the application of awareness to maintain an active state or equilibrium that enables action rather than reaction.

You will be introduced to the skills of;

2018 dates coming soon!

10.00am – 4.00pm

£65 per person

Cost £65