Stag Parties
Did you know that “The Stag” represents strength and virility, but also honour and protection? In age-old tradition, a Stag was seen as the symbol of healthy mature masculinity…
We have two adventure packages to choose from, and can also craft a bespoke experience to suit any theme; budget or location

Call of the Wild

A one day bush craft adventure.

We will fill your wild time with a selection of activities of your choice supplied by our expert wilderness guides:
10.30am-4.30pm with all food and refreshments included.

£70/man - minimum group size of 8.

A day to truly remember with memories to last! Fun and challenging activities to make you your own Bear Grylls!

The Wild Stag

An overnight adventure of mythical proportions! This is something you will find nowhere else! Using age old wisdom and cutting edge science we will weave a weekend of peak experience for your group that will have legendary status.

The activities will cover:
Option 1

Night Games, a culmination of the day’s adventure, our renowned Fire Stalk Game will make you feel more alive and sharper than you may have ever known possible! Collaborative and competitive, test your edge!


Touching the Mythical, a transformative ceremony to bless and honour the groom, involving the whole group. We will mentor, guide and facilitate you into offering something different to feed the soul of everyman in your party. Forging a sense of brotherhood, support and friendship to last!

Option 3

Sweat Lodge an ancient ceremony of cleansing and renewal. The perfect opportunity to let go of the old, and step into the new! This option carries an extra surcharge of £60/man.

Day 1 arrival 10.30am – Day 2 leave 3.30pm.

All food and refreshments provided.


There is an optional 2nd night and 3rd day stay. Please inquire for more details.

Contact us to discuss any questions you may have, or design aspects for your own perfect experience.