Womens' Wild Nature
A Deep Nature-based Immersion for all Women Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July 2016 East Sussex.

Facilitated by Lara Barge & Rebecca Card.

We invite you to join us for a powerful weekend in beautiful East Sussex woodland. An opportunity to journey deep into the centre of our earth mother, to find the wisdom of your own centre. Gifting yourself deep nourishment, replenishing your lakes and rivers, fuelling your fire, lighting up your soul, and returning life and passion to your body and heart.

"Women, it is time to find the home of our souls, our home in nature."

This immersion into self and soul will be supported by the potent and nurturing holding of the land. Embracing your fragility, your power and all aspects of you, including your inner child and your ferocious wild woman. The weekend holds a space for you to surrender into your rage, your joy, your grief, your passion and anything else that might be moving in you. We wholeheartedly invite you to bring the fullness of whatever you are with at this time, so that it can be met, acknowledged and befriended. From it you will experience an embodied and transformational empowerment. Together, we will journey.

Lara and Rebecca are experienced facilitators of deep transformational work.  Both lovingly hold a powerful, safe space that allows your personal story to unfold. Their work is inspired by the practices of Animas Valley Institute, The School of Lost Borders, the Lipan Apache lineage, Wildnature, Heart IQ Academy, Movement Medicine, empowered sacred sexuality, and their own deep journeys into meeting self, nature and the other-than-human-world.

Women's Wild Nature will be a mix of group, individual and nature-based practices.


Spring 2017 dates TBC