Children Running Free

Children Running Free
Lara Barge • Published March 2016

I look back at my childhood and remember running through fields and woodland on my way home from school. And school holidays I was out all day with friends and cousins running wild along river beds, making dens and climbing trees.

We lived in our own wild landscape where everything else in the world disappeared. Now a days kids stress levels are higher then any other point in time. Kids are experiencing anxiety and depression!!!! This is outrageous.
With the pressures of school - homework and exams, kids are being compressed into academic boxes where they must achieve.
Free time is no longer free time.

Depression can descend when someone feels overwhelmed and becomes consumed by their work and family responsibilities. This is now being replicated in young children with feeling overwhelmed by school responsibilities and parental pressure to achieve. Everyone needs to play and move their bodies, adults and children, but children particular.

When children have enough fun and exercise, their concentration increases as well as their enthusiasm for life and learning. Make time and space for kids to have somewhere to play and run free outdoors. Whether that is a back garden, park, woodland or an adventure day. Its time to start prioritising our children having the freedom, fun and nature time they need.

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