A monthly wild to do list from Wildnature
Kate Griffiths • Published March 2015

Easter Holidays are just a few weeks away. Give your child the gift of a Wildnature adventure. Our holiday clubs are very popular so book soon. Wildnature offers a variety of fun but purpose rich activities delivered by Robert and his team. Want some quality family time? Parents are always welcome to join their children on our holiday camps.

In the meantime…


On you own in nature?. Take a walk in nature, any nature. It could be in a city copse. A park. On the beach, or in the real countryside. The key is that you feel safe and you know you won’t be disturbed by other people – or even your dog! After about 10 minutes find a quiet place to sit. Get comfy. Close your eyes for a few minutes and listen. Listen to the near sounds and those that are far away. Try “philharmonic listening” – when you hear the whole soundscape, rather than focusing on one sound.

When you feel calm and settled ask a question that has been bugging you, it can be big or small? Ask it a few times, you can speak out loud or to yourself. What happens? Do you hear anything coming back to you? I’ve done this a few times and it really worked for me…what do you think???

Jess from The Centre for Ecotherapy (click here) in Brighton gave us this suggestion – Kate and Robert are both keen meditators and will be introducing more mindfulness activities into our work over the coming year.

With the children? It’s raining. No need to give up on wild fun. Stay home and make rain paintings. Draw a wild ‘picture on plain white paper, kitchen towel is fine – use bright, water-soluble pens or paint. Hang the picture on the windowsill/washing line. Try different patterns and colours. Keep your favorite, flatten and dry off.

Go out on a rainy day wild adventure. Pack a picnic. Find a tree to shelter under. Make umbrella dens. Rain is often less wet than it looks when you’re inside, honest. Inspiration from “The Wild Weather Book”. By Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield click here.

More ideas. We are proud to be part of The Wild Network. Download their Wildtime App for free, click here and swap some screen time for wild time. Kate Griffiths is the new Co-Director of Wildnature. For more information about her click here.

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