Honey Infusions
Robert Fallon • Published July 2015

Home made herbal honey remedies.  

Making herbal honey infusions is a great way of bringing herbal remedies into your home home, and delicious too.

In the olden days honey was often used in kitchens as a preservative, and used for remedies before distillation came about. You can make it with all sorts of different herbs.

You can infuse honey just to add delicious flavours or for remedial purposes.
You can probably find a large number of possible ingratiates to infuse your honey with just by stepping outside into your garden.

Fresh ingredients you may find in your garden:

Rose petals

Dried herbs:
Coriander seeds
Dried thyme
Dried flowers - orange blossom, chamomile

How to use it:
Dosage - about a teaspoon of infused honey.

Either a teaspoon straight into your mouth, or in warm water, tea or honey.

How to make it:
With fresh herbs- 
Sterilise some jars.
Add herbs into each jar and pour int he honey mixing gentle.
Leave to infuse for a bout a week. Most likely the honey will be runnier now then it was originally.
Strain out the herbs and pour the honey into another sterile jar and place int he fridge.

When infusing honey with fresh herbs you then need to keep the honey in the fridge to stop it from going off. The fresh herbs add extra liquid into the honey, shortening its shelf life.
Where as when using dried herbs the honey keeps much better, doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge or strained, (unless you don’t like the bits).

With dried herbs- Sterilise some jars.
Add herbs into each jar and pour int he honey mixing gentle.
Leave to infuse for a bout a month or until the flavour has infused. This will vary with different herbs.
Or alternatively you can heat the honey and herbs to help the infusion process, but you then risk lowering the potency of the honey.
Strain herb out if you prefer or just leave them in. I think they add something beautiful when left in.
And make great Christmas presents.

It is best to use local raw honey, but not essential. Local honey has been made form the plants in your local area which supports your system in being able to deal with any hay fever symptoms you may have. Raw honey is much more potent that those that have been heat treated.


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