Pesto Time
Lara Barge • Published January 2016

It's Pesto time!!! Spring is on it's way. Lush greens are coming back in full force. Nettles! Wild Garlic! And so much more. It's all out there if you look. Here's what I like to do with my wild greens.

All you need:
A big bunch of Wild Garlic and young nettle tops.
Lemon (the juice)
Olive oil
Pine nuts or other nuts
Hard cheese (parmesan) optional
Some salt and pepper to taste

Depending on how much wild garlic you use you may want to add an extra garlic clove.

You can either throw it all in a food processor and wizz it up, or a much nicer option is to shred or finely chop it all up and bash it up with a pestle and mortar. Enjoy!!!

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