The Wilderness Club
An after-school nature connection and bush craft mentoring project for older children, aged 8-15. 

Woodland time to unwind, have fun, play and make friends in a safe, supportive and creative environment. Based  near Lewes, the club runs every Thursday from 4.30-7.00pm, with a camp fire dinner to end each session. 

The programme is run by highly-skilled and experienced female and male instructors, ensuring your young adults come back inspired, grounded, educated and happy.   

Our aim is to provide a positive, nature-based educational environment where participants can grow and deepen a respect for themselves, others and the natural world. 
In a modern culture that seems increasingly challenging for young people, we offer our three R's, which we believe form a strong foundation for a healthy transition into adulthood and a means to meet and thrive in any situation:

Bookings are made for the whole block.

Please contact us if you wish for your child to ‘have a go first’ to see if they enjoy the sessions before booking the whole program, and it is OK to join once the club has started.

Concessions are available for low income families.



9th / 16th / 23rd / 30th

July 7th / 14th / 21st

Club costs for the whole 7 sessions - £105

Please contact us for booking a drop in 'have a go' session or if you are starting once the club is running.